With more time on our hands, our hands could use a little TLC! That said, we’ve gathered some fun, spring-inspired manicures to try at home until you’re able to see the pros at Images Luxury Nail Salon again. These designs are are surprisingly easy – all you’ll need is nail polish (in various colors), a nail file, polish remover and a few items from around the house.

Confetti Nails

Nail Hack: To achieve these polka dots, use a bobby pin! Start with a base coat. Paint first layer of dots. Once completely dry, paint layer of overlapping dots. Apply top coat.
Colors Needed:
– Clear Coat
– Sky Blue (try To Infinity & Blue-Yond by OPI)
– Baby Pink (try Flying Solo by Essie)
– Deep Pink (try Dutch Tulips by OPI)
– Peach/Nude (try Samoan Sand by OPI)

Pastel Rainbow

Nail Hack: Apply multiple coats to achieve full coverage – this is especially important when going for a bolder look! We recommend 2-3 plus a top coat for this mani. Try different variations of color to switch it up!
Colors Needed:
– Icy Blue (try BP by Olive & June)
– Light Pink (try Free to Roam by Essie)
– Periwinkle (try You’re Such a BudaPest by OPI)
– Yellow (try Don’t Tell a Sol by OPI)

Cute Color Blocking

Nail Hack: If you don’t have a thin nail art brush, another way to ensure your diagonal line is straight is to use a toothpick!
For this look, use the lilac color for your base coat. Apply 1-2 coats. Once completely dry, apply peach color across top corner of each nail. Apply top coat.
Colors Needed:
– Neon Lilac (try Fairy Floss by Kester Black)
– Light Peach (try Peach Melba by Kester Black)