As the summer heat rages on, it’s time for you to spice up your family dinners! Our friends at Plancha Latin Kitchen are lovers of all things Latin cuisine, including Taco Tuesday. To celebrate their newly-released menu items, they’ve given us some of their top tips for a successful taco night. 

Switch Up Your Proteins

If you aren’t a fan of classic beef tacos or have a vegetation in your household, consider using a different protein source. From fish and chicken to tofu and eggplant, the possibilities are endless!

Make Your Own Salsa

To ensure super fresh salsa, try making your own at home! A quick and easy-to-follow recipe, like this one from Food Network, will take your tacos new heights. 

Raise a Glass

If you’re looking to treat yourself on Taco Tuesday, sip on a Latin-inspired cocktail! Whether it’s a classic mojito or a white peach sangria, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in the summer sun. For your kiddos, make this cranberry-lime mocktail

For more information about Plancha Latin Kitchen and their current offerings, please visit their website hereand follow them on Instagram (@plancha_latin_kitchen).