Owners of Bite Mi, Anne and Dan Tran

Our next LBX tenant spotlight introduces us to Anne and Dan Tran!  Together, the duo own Bite Mi located inside The Hangar.

Bite Mi is the Long Beach community’s favorite banh mi destination and promises high quality fresh ingredients and interesting flavor combinations in every bite.  Read on to learn more about how Anne and Dan got to where they are today AND hear about their personal favorite item on Bite Mi’s menu.

Name: Anne and Dan Tran

Title: Owners of Bite Mi

  1. Why do you love working at LBX?

We have really enjoyed working at LBX because we’ve met so many great people that have become loyal customers. 

  1. Where does your passion for the food industry (and banh mi specifically!) come from?

When Dan and I were approached by our favorite banh mi and boba shops to operate a new concept with them called Bite Mi, we jumped at the chance because we really love their food and drinks!

  1. What is your favorite item on the Bite Mi menu?

Our favorite item on our menu at the moment is our Pastrami Banh Mi! You really don’t expect a Vietnamese banh mi to have pastrami in it, but it’s surprisingly very good in a baguette with cucumbers and pickled veggies! 

  1. Is there anything you would like to say to the Long Beach community at large?

The Long Beach community has really welcomed us and Bite Mi with open arms. The people who work and live around the area are very friendly and some of our customers come on a regular basis. We greatly appreciate the support that has been shown to us as a small business in these trying times.