Managing Partner, Ilka Komatsu

Meet Ilka Komatsu!  She is Managing Partner of Temakira inside The Hangar and is excited to be sharing her passion with you.  She’ll also share why she loves working at LBX along with some of her go-to favorites throughout the center.   

If you haven’t given Temakira at LBX a try, it is a must! Temakira introduced us to an all new way to sushi and is the first of its kind. Temakira’s temakis (or hand rolls) are wrapped with a tasty piece of nori (or seaweed) in a cone style that holds its contents within. The roll is large enough to hold by hand (hence the name) and is as easy to make as it is fun to eat. The hand roll shop combines the tradition and ingenuity of Japan with the creativity of Brazil and allows foodies and sushi lovers alike to enjoy unique and original flavors as a light snack, full meal, and/or on the go!

Name: Ilka Komatsu

Title: Managing Partner

  1. Why do you love working at LBX?

I love working at LBX because of all the people I meet and talk to when I am there. The center has a great vibe! Because it is so complete, we meet people who go there to exercise in the several work out places and want something healthy to eat afterwards. We also meet people who go there for grocery shopping or to take care of themselves in the spa & salons and then stop by for a quick bite. Some customers are people who work in the several office buildings around and want a special meal and some are on their way back home and want to buy a meal to share with their families at home. I am glad to have met a lot of clients and gotten to know them by their names, learn a little bit about their lives, work, and food preference and I especially like to work on weekends, when sometimes I get to meet the spouses or children of the clients who come to Temakira during the week.

2. How did you get into the food industry?

Mostly because I like to eat! For me, meals are happy moments, gatherings of friends and family. Food does not only nourish our bodies, but people celebrate special dates with a meal and these celebrations create memories. What I enjoy about the food industry is the thought of families gathered around the table and friends laughing while dining out. Temakira is glad to be part of these moments.

3. What is your favorite dish on Temakira’s menu?

I do not think I have one favorite dish in our menu … my favorite dish usually changes according to my mood and the weather, I guess. When it is hot, I feel like eating something lighter and raw, so during summer I have been ordering a salmon poke bowl with salad base. When it is colder, I usually order something cooked, and I love our vegan Tofumaki Hand Roll!

4. What is your favorite restaurant at LBX besides Temakira and why? 

This is such a difficult question to answer! I honestly do not have a favorite one, believe it or not. Every time I go to LBX, I go to a different restaurant. All the options are so good! You have something for all tastes inside The Hangar. But I guess my favorite ones are Marinate (their kimchi rice with burgogui is really good!), or if I want something with a “kick” I go to Amorcito and order their short rib tacos and their Brussels sprouts and, of course, I always end up at Popbar for a dessert after my meal!

5. Is there anything you would like to say to the Long Beach community at large?

During these unprecedented times of the COVID pandemic, I think we all need to be especially careful about our lives and the lives of the ones around us. We all need to stay safe, wear masks and practice social distancing. But we also need to include exercising and eating healthy in our lives. Temakira is aligned with all of it. Let’s fight this battle together by keeping ourselves healthy!