Creative and Visual Merchandising Director, Danielle Manning

If you’ve ever taken a Ra Yoga class at LBX, you know how amazing the staff is and what a wonderful and spiritual of an experience you encounter. 

Our most recent LBX tenant spotlight introduces us to Danielle Manning, Creative and Visual Merchandising Director at Ra Yoga!

Danielle shares her passion for the fitness industry along with her absolute favorite eatery inside The Hangar.  In getting to know Danielle a little bit better, you’ll feel closer to Ra Yoga too!

While we know you’re excited to get back in the studio, for the time being Ra Yoga is offering Ra Yoga LIVE!  With Ra Yoga LIVE, you can take classes with your favorite teachers and chat with the Ra community online.  To view the schedule, visit:  

Name: Danielle Manning

Title: Creative and Visual Merchandising Director

  1. Why do you love working at LBX?

My favorite memory working at that center is when Ra Yoga Long Beach celebrated its 1st birthday ! Jay Birds and other restaurants within the Hanger partnered with us so we could celebrate in true Ra Yoga style- yoga with a side of delicious food !

2. How did you get into the fitness industry?

I got involved in the movement industry as a result of my personal practice. 

3. Why are you passionate about what you do?

To me, Ra Yoga is a space of endless possibilities. I’m always inspired by our community’s willingness to take action, support, love, create, and explore together. 

4. What is your favorite store/restaurant at LBX besides your own? 


5. Is there anything you would like to say to the Long Beach community at large?

We ask that you hold the spirit of Ra within your positive vibrational force so that it may weather this storm. We know through our own life tribulations that with the strength of many, we can seemingly will things back from the edge. It is in this vein, we humbly ask: Ready. Set. Pray.