Blue Bowl

For co-founder Teague the Blue Bowl goal originated overseas during military service working in a stressful environment. Like many he was confronted daily with the search for a fast and healthy meal that offered a natural boost of whole-foods based energy. Upon returning home Teague found himself back in an environment where the everyday consumer now desires their food to be premium, fast, healthy, and performance-enhancing. Teague took to the drawing board and wound up testing ideas in local farmers’ markets.

Meanwhile, co-founder Ish, a health food industry insider, was busy in the world of sales when paths crossed. Together Ish and Teague set off to build a brand that meets this consumer mindset with a quick, tasty, and healthy meal served in a to-go bowl where the customer has the freedom to build their personalized bowl choosing from a range of superfoods that are topped off with an assortment of all natural performance-enhancing foods.


Mon - Sat: 8 am - 7 pm
Sun: 8 am - 4pm