Welcome back, LBX’plorers! For today’s virtual LBX’plorers Kids Club, you’ll be “springing” into action. But first, our host Stephanie Holdridge, will read It’s Not Easy Being a BunnyWritten by Marilyn Sadler and illustrated by Roger Bollen, this “hare-raising” tale tells the touching story of P. J. Funnybunny. 

P.J feels as though he doesn’t fit in with his family- He doesn’t enjoy eating carrots or having floppy ears like they do. After deciding to leave home, P.J. tries living with other animals- from birds to bears and pigs to possums. As a result of this action-packed journey, P.J. learns the true meaning of family, home, and self-acceptance.  

After the story, stay tuned in to make this week’s craft– an adorable handprint bunny. Check out the materials you’ll need for this craft below!  

Materials Needed:
– Construction paper in two colors (think spring-themed)
– Colored pom poms or cotton balls
– Pipe cleaners or twine
– Tacky glue
– Glue stick
– Scissors
– Black Sharpie marker
– Pencil

Until we can meet in-person again, the LBX’plorers Kids Club events will be held online. All virtual LBX’plorers Kids Club events, along with other fun content from LBX businesses, can be found on LBX’s blog here and to stay up to date on the newest virtual LBX’plorers Kids Clubs, be sure to follow LBX on Instagram (@longbeachexchange) and subscribe to the center’s e-newsletters here.