Hi LBX’plorers, welcome back! Because this year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we are celebrating twice as much. Join LBX’plorers Kids Club host, Stephanie Holdridge, as she reads The Diggers and the Flower by Joseph Kuefler – a story about three trucks who set out to build a town until one finds a flower planted right at the center of the new town.

Following story time, Stephanie and her daughter will teach us how to make Earth Day Flowers using our handprints and a few other items!

Materials Needed: 

– two pieces of white cardstock 

– green construction paper 

– extra paper or base to put paint on 

– child-safe blue + green paints 

– blue and green crayon 

– pencil or pen 

– glue stick 

Thanks for joining us for another adventurous week LBX’plorers! Be sure to check back every Tuesday and Thursday for more LBX’plorers Kids Clubs and other fun activities and offerings from the businesses at Long Beach Exchange, and follow us on Instagram at @LongBeachExchange.