Fall is officially here!  Our friends at Portola Coffee Roasters have been busy brewing up their signature direct trade coffee that will help you curb your caffeine cravings this season.  Keep reading to learn what our favorite menu items are! 

Tres Leches Latte – this latte, inspired by the famous Peruvian dessert, will become an instant fall favorite!  With a creamy consistency and the perfect foam-to-coffee ratio, the Tres Leches Latte is for someone in need of a cozy morning in. $5.50 

Lavender Lemonade if you can’t part with iced drinks or aren’t the biggest coffee fan, this one’s for you.  Portola’s Lavender Lemonade combines a classic summer flavor (lemonade) with the calming essence of lavender for a drink that will leave you feeling refreshed. $3.50 

Vanilla Flat White  a classic espresso-forward drink with a hint of vanilla.  If you’re a work-from-home warrior who need something strong to kickstart your busy day, Portola’s Vanilla Flat White is for you.  $4.75 

Portola Coffee Roasters at The Hangar at Long Beach Exchange is currently open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. daily. To order ahead today, please visit Portola’s website here.  For more information about Portola and their delicious offerings, follow their Instagram page (@portolacoffee).