You may be curious: what is a superfood? Simply put, superfoods are foods that are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. Our friends at Blue Bowl are showing us that superfoods are delicious and beneficial with their customizable bowls, seasonal kombucha, and chia parfaits. To read about our favorite items from Blue Bowl, keep reading!

Customizable Bowl 

Blue Bowl makes it easy to craft the perfect bowl for your tastes. First, choose a base (acai, pitaya, chia pudding, and more), then spruce it up with your favorite granola, fresh seasonal fruit, nut butters, and a wide array of toppings or powders. The best part: Blue Bowl’s prices are fixed, so you don’t pay extra for toppings! $8.30 for 12oz bowl

Early Bird Oats Bowl 

This warm bowl of overnight oats is delicious, hearty, and nutritious! Customize your oats: we love adding chocolate and chia granola, peanut butter, and a generous helping of strawberries and bananas. Experiment with toppings, but order fast—Blue Bowl makes their oats in small batches, so once they’re out for the day, you’ll miss them! $8.30

Chia Pudding Parfait 

This parfait is perfect for those getting their superfoods on the go! It’s packed with hemp granola, almonds, pumpkin seeds, almond butter—all on a bed of classic chia pudding. Blue Magik Spirulina gives the parfait its vibrant color and a high protein content with low calories. $5.75

Blue Bowl is open and offering online ordering for pickup only. To learn more, follow Blue Bowl on Instagram (@mybluebowl).