Though international travel may not be possible right now, the authentic cuisine available at DonerG has the power to transport you to Turkey within one bite. This family-owned chain of eateries has been bridging the gap of diversity for over 25 years through providing a memorable dining experience for all! Read on to find out which of their menu items we love. 

Turkish Street Fries – French fries, grilled onions, doner kebab beef, DonerG house sauce, red cabbage, corn, jalapeno, feta cheese, and parsley. $10.50

Falafel – This traditional Middle Eastern dish is made from a flavorful blend of vegetables and chickpeas. Served with a Cacik sauce made of yogurt and cucumber. $4.00/side portion

Istanbowl – Rice pilaf, shepherd’s salad, red pickled cabbage, onions, parsley mix, doner beef, doner chicken, falafel and pita bread. $10.50

Baklava – A Turkish delight, this sweet pastry consists of rich layers of phyllo (unleavened dough), chopped nuts, and is coated in a thin layer of syrup. $2.00/piece

DonerG at The Hangar is currently open from 10:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily. To place an order for pick-up today, please visit their website here. For more information about their current offerings, give their team a call at 562-420-4832 and follow them on Instagram (@donerg).