Working at home can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to focus and your furry friend wants some attention!  Luckily, PetSmart has tons of treats + toys that will keep your pup occupied for hours on end.  Check out our top picks below (tested + approved by our own canine companions).

Himalayan Dog ChewFor the snacker ($6.99)

This Himalayan dog chew is not only great for your dog’s teeth, but will last for weeks! About to hop on a Zoom call? Give your pup this chew and they will be silently occupied the entire time. 

Trixie Flip BoardFor the smarty paws ($11.99)

Does your pooch get bored easily? This interactive flip board takes a little more brain power than your typical dog toy and provides entertainment as your dog tries to figure out the puzzle in order to get treats! 

The Kong ClassicFor the patient pup ($7.99 – $24.99) 

The Kong is a game changer and is great when heading out to the grocery store if you’re worried about your dog getting bored or anxious. Simply fill the inside with (dog-friendly) peanut butter or treats and you’re good to go. Tip: If your dog is food-driven and you want this to last them a bit longer, try using peanut butter or broth and freeze it overnight! 

The Nylabone DuraChewFor the aggressive chewer ($5.99) 

This chew toy is for the pups out there with an extra powerful bite! The Nylabone is made tough with durable nylon + a textured surface that feels good on your pup’s gums. Plus the bristles on the Nylabone help promote clean teeth and fresh breath while preventing plaque and tartar buildup. 

The iFetch Interactive Ball LauncherFor the athlete ($115.09) 

The iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher is perfect for small, active dogs and is definitely worth the splurge. Whether your dog prefers catch or fetch, they are sure to have a blast with this one!

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